Cleaning A Dishwasher Air Gap


While there are cleaning services available, it is actually something that you can learn to do yourself. Even the best dishwashers need this from time to time!

Here is one article to help you out:

The dishwasher air gap is a vital component for any home with a working dishwasher. These air gaps are often required by local building codes, and so it can be very troubling when they stop working, even for a few minutes. When an air gap becomes overwhelmed by dirt from the dishwasher, it can become blocked, and water will run out of the dishwasher, and directly into the sink. One way to prevent this is to regularly clean your dishwasher air gap, and prevent it from being damaged by a build-up of dirt. If you are a DIY amateur, and have no idea where to start, here are a few simple tips to help you get the job done. Read more…

This video may give you some guidance as well.

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