3 thoughts on “Dishwasher Brands

  1. What they are saying would be true if it KitchenAid dishwashers were
    KitchenAid dishwashers, but they aren’t made by Hobart anymore. They are
    made by Whirlpool Nevermind with the cosmetically engineered Whirlpool
    versions like you see here, that within 3 years you’ll have to deal with
    wheels falling off the tracks so the racks won’t roll back properly, poor
    cleaning, cloudy dishes,clogged pumps. You want a real dishwasher? Think of
    these names–> Bosch, Miele, Thermador, Asko, Gaggenau

  2. Hello BroccoliBeefed. We truly regret to hear this. If you would like us to
    look further into a specific appliance concern, please email us directly at
    Whirlpool.Digital@Whirlpool_._com (disregard the underscores). Please
    include your name, YouTube User ID, complete contact information, the full
    physical address where the unit is located, along with the model and serial
    numbers. Sincerely, Ashley.

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